We aim to do good things and make them right!
The quality of raw materials and their purity are the basis of the choices in our restaurant. The story began long ago, ever since my father Eber, passionate cook has managed several restaurants before in Piedmont and then here in Liguria, especially in Castelvecchio R.B. and Loano and which, although not of birth has become the land of my life.
After years in the kitchen, help in family businesses, since 2006 I started my own adventure, and from 2011 here in Piatti Spaiati-Le Marionette with my husband Giancarlo, my daughter Ileana and my son in law Roberto we are committed to preparing and tendering better quality of our restaurant.

The choice of the products follows the seasons.
The vegetables that we use come both from our gardens of Loano and Vecersio cared for by grandparents Michele and Eber, both by local producers who sell daily at the local market their own vegetables.
In season, our cuisine is enriched by the Fantastic Four: trumpet courgette, prickly artichoke of Albenga, beefsteak tomatoes and purple asparagus (the latter also Slow-food we buy by the Montano Ceriale)
The fish comes from the local market and the market of Savona, also chosen for us by Beppe Fish Loano, while for meat and sausages we use the Butcher’s shop Giacobbe of Sassello.
Prince cheese of our cuisine is the “Toma di Pecora Brigasca”, this slow-food presidium we buy from the farm “Il Boschetto” of Albenga and that we use in every season and for the vegetables for our first. Other Ligurian cheeses are present in our kitchen, the “Formaggetta Stella” and “San Stè of Val d’Aveto”, but often we use excellent Regions cheeses, “Castelmagno” in particular, but also “Ragusano”, “Montasio” and “Formai de Mu”t.

In recent years we have fans in several projects that seek to deepen and make known to our customers:

Slow Food
For a kitchen Good, Clean and Fair, we try to give preference to local products, to know the producers, see how they work and enhance many Slow-food principals in our gastronomic proposal.

“Ristorante del Cuore”
We adhere to the project of the Chamber of Commerce of Savona, in cooperation with the cardiology department of St. Paul, to enhance a healthy cuisine, attentive also to the rules of cardiovascular prevention, in compliance with food safety, enhancing the flavors and products of our territory.

liguria-gourmet“Liguria Gourmet”
It is a project of the Chamber of Commerce of Savona who wants to enhance restaurants like ours who use the products of our region and in particular the good Ligurian wines D.O.C. and I.G.T. and extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. In addition, this project allows us to leverage even better dishes of the Ligurian tradition that have always been present in our menu. From local products come alive fact of rigorous tradition Ligurian dishes such as Cappon Magro, the Brandacujun and Panissa.

aicIntolerance, allergies, gluten-free cooking
For several years I have been interested in various issues related to food intolerance, diseases, or allergies, discovering among other things, the ability to cook delicious gluten-free dishes and haute cuisine.
For years, therefore, all our courses can be enjoyed without gluten, from appetizer to dessert.
For fried fish or vegetables we only use rice flour, for all, even with approval from those who have no particular problems. For all other types of intolerance or allergies we are ready for any request of our customers.

The Cappon Magro

Flat detail of the Ligurian tradition, Cappon Magro, (basically a rich salad with many ingredients), has uncertain historical origins. It is said that it may have been:
• Food servants who put together the remains of the rich dishes
• Food of the sailors who need to supplement the diet of vegetables during navigation,
• Food of noble born in 500 out of the hands of skilled chefs.
While the name may derive from the use of gurnard or antithesis to the fat and opulent capon consumed at Christmas on the table of the rich. In any case it is a remarkable dish and so good to be missed.

Ingredienti makes about 4 servings::
• 2 hg of tender green beans
• 2 medium potatoes
• 2 carrots
• 2 zucchini or clear trumpets
• 4 cauliflower florets
• 1 beetroot
• 8 biscuits sailor or slices of bread (do not enter if diners intolerant or allergic to gluten)
• 600 g. Fish (capon or monkfish or sea bass) with white meat
• 12 pink shrimp or red Ligure Sanremo Tues.
• 16 muscles and 16 clams
• 2 boiled eggs
• to taste olives, artichokes, mushrooms
• a few slices of mosciame
For the salsa verde:
• Parsley
• salted anchovies of the Ligurian Sea suitably desalted
• Pickled capers
• A little garlic
• Extra virgin olive oil of the Riviera Ligure D.o.p.
• Salt, vinegar q, b.

Flan Albenga violet asparagus with Toma Brigasca fondue,
Both Slow-food

Ingredienti makes about 15/17 pies::
• 700 g. of Albenga violet asparagus already taken part woody
• 300 g. of already cleaned spinach washed and dried
• 6 eggs (adjust depending on the size of the eggs)
• 100 g. grated Parmesan cheese
• a glass of fresh cream
• salt, pepper and nutmeg
• a little butter for the molds
For the fondue:
• fresh cream
• toma Brigasca grated sheep


Family friendly in our opinion means: that children are welcome! On their arrival they are at the table mats to color and small games to spend the evening quietly and pleasantly. The parents in this way they can better enjoy dinner in complete conviviality.

Ristorante Piatti Spaiati Le Marionette
17025 Loano (SV) Italy
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Tel. +39 • Cell. +39 348.87.65.551
E-mail: maricuoca@hotmail.it

• Open for dinner from Thursday to Sunday, Sundays and holidays also open for lunch.

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